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The purpose of the Best Paper Awards is to recognize and promote quality contributions to academic research and writing among scholars who present and publish papers at the ICASR’s conference.

These awards are based on a combination of reviewer scores from the initial paper evaluations and recommendations of the conference/session chairs.

The Best Paper Award

The Best Student Paper Award

The Best Oral Presentations Award

The Best Poster Presentations Award

Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award will be given to the researcher who has published best paper and high Metric articles in the Conference.

The award is given to the researcher fully merit based and who has submitted high profile nomination. The criteria for being given the best paper award are that the paper must be original, well-written, and contribute to the field of each technical area.

Best Student Paper Award

The Best Student Paper Award will be presented to the author of the best paper written solely or primarily by a student. This award is only given in years, where the Best Paper award is not student-authored.

Best Oral Presentation Award

The Best Oral Presentation Award will be given for the best presentation of the entire conference.

It takes into consideration factors such as scientific quality and originality of the research, plus the quality of the presentation.

Best Student Presentation Award

The Best Student Paper Award will be given to the selected student based on the content and quality of their oral presentation during the conference.

Best Poster Presentation Award

The Best Poster Presentation Award will be given to the best poster(s) presented at the conference. It rewards a combination of excellent research, innovation, and presentation. A panel of judges from the conference organizing committee will select the best poster(s).

Keynote Speakers

  • Dimitrios A. Karras

    Dimitrios A. Karras

    Professor, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

  • Gian Luca Brunetti

    Gian Luca Brunetti

    Associate professor of Architectural Technology, the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy.

  • Michael Zyda

    Michael Zyda

    Professor, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.

  • Ljiljana Trajkovic

    Ljiljana Trajkovic

    Professor, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.