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Crystal Reeck

Crystal Reeck

Assistant Professor, Temple University, USA.

Research Interest: Self-control, Emotion and Emotion Regulation, Social Processes, and Choice Architecture Interventions.

Dr. Crystal Reeck is a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the Fox School of Business, where she also serves as the Associate Director of the Center for Applied Research in Decision Making. She completed both her Bachelor’ s and Master’ s degrees at Stanford University, and she holds a Ph. D. in psychology and neuroscience from Duke University. She joined the faculty from Columbia Business School, where she served as a Postdoctoral Research Scholar and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Decision Making and Negotiations Cross Disciplinary area. To trace the processes underlying consumer behavior and decision making, her research uses a range of methods including traditional behavioral approaches, psychophysiological measures, eye-tracking and MouselabWeb, and functional magnetic resonance imaging. She has published her research in peer-reviewed journals that span multiple fields, including Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Journal of Marketing, and Trends in Cognitive Sciences. Dr. Reeck has won several awards for her research as well as her teaching. In addition to awards from Temple, she has also been honored by the Behavioral Science and Policy Association, the Social and Affective Neuroscience Society, and the Association for Psychological Science. Her work has been featured in media outlets, such as Bloomberg Businessweek, and funded by various foundations and national granting agencies, including the National Science Foundation and the American Psychological Association.

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